Feb 23, 2013

Monster ambassador!

These are the monster ambassador! In case you don't know anything abt monster. It's actually a energy drink similar to redbull. It's called monster energy drink in green and the other one called khaos with 50% of juice in it!  Taste really nice I swear!  U can get this can drink at 7-11 is quite a big can drinks.  And cost less than $4! Worth it right? 

Anyway we actually attended the candy event at zouk ytd night! Super fun event and they are giving out my favourite candies STICKY SWEETS hahaha!  I party in a club with lots of candies surrounding me!   A very fun night with all these girls and big bosses! Happy partying & drinking with them and most of us were either tipsy or drunk ytd night! Wish to have this kind of gathering with them again ^^

Okay I'm gonna stop here now,  mass update done!  See ya guys soon :)

Feb 18, 2013

Cupids at ClubArena

Working at ClubArena for Uncensored event last Saturday with all these pretty girls! Met some of my secondary sch friends and primary school friends that night. Thank you for coming dwn peeps :)

Hope to see you guys soon!

A bouquet of chocolates

Happy receiving another valentine day gift bt sad to know is you.  After knowing so many things u did behind me you know we are impossible!  Don't tell me you love me when you yourself don't know what's love! Forget it don't wish to mention anything abt you!  It's disgusting!

My memorable Valentine's

How I spent my memorable Valentine's this year! 

This cute guy kc brought me to one altitude for dinner which I think will definitely cost him a bomb! My first time here anyway!

Super shocked and unprepare that day after my work. And I swear I am underdress that day to one altitude ;( didn't know kc will bring me to finedining.

While we were having our food, one of the waiter pass me the bouquet of flowers!  Hahaha like those drama we usually watched in tv uh?  By the way some of the food they served really taste appealing but weird . I really don't know how to describe the taste of the food but just weird!  Haha BUT the dessert and ice cream chocolates are so nice!!!

After dinner kc brought me to puggoul marina which I don't know what his up to at first.  And then we reached! He asked me to open his car boot . With his instruction I opened and saw two heart shape balloons written with BE MY VALENTINE with one big softtoy.hahahaha super sweet isnt it?  I've gt the most unforgettable Valentine day in my life I supposed.  Super sweet and heartwarming :D